1080P FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR Review A118 Sponsored by Gearbest!

1080P FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR Review A118 Sponsored by Gearbest!
Another product by my channel Sponsor, GearBest!
A 1080p Full HD 170* Dash cam, a must have for any Tesla owner!
Easy 3 minute install, well designed and easy to use! Reasonable cost, and decent quality! Beats the heck out of the Wal-Mart dash cam. It’s no Backview Cam, but just think what you could do with the $300+ saved!
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A118C – B40C 1.5 inch H.264 1080P full HD car DVR dash cam video recorder with hidden mode
A118 capacitor version
Safe capacitor
Novatek 96650 chipset with AR0330 CMOS sensor
170 degree wide angle lens
FHD 1080P high-definition seamless cycled recording, no second leakage
Use the hidden mode, match the rearview mirror of the vehicle perfectly, not block the line of sight
Advanced H.264 photography compression technology
Allow the camera to swing upwards, downwards, leftwards, and rightwards, and take photos from different angles
Distortionless high-definition photographing device, high-definition images, no image tails
Record the images by using the H.264 compression mode
Provide locking protection for multiple important segments, thus preventing important segments from being overwritten
Built-in G-sensor, capable of saving and locking the video recording data automatically in case of collisions
Support the motion detection function
Support AV-out

Just US$43.39 + free shipping, buy A118C – B40C 1080P FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR at GearBest.com and enjoy worldwide free shipping

this dash cam is great for a tesla. tesla owners must have!

8 thoughts on “1080P FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR Review A118 Sponsored by Gearbest!”

  1. Dood if you want to help me then tell me where I can get a covert camera system that shows everything that happens 360 degrees around the car. If I am stopped by cop I want everything recorded – both sound and video but most important is when I activate it I want all video and sound auto uploaded to a remote server therefore I can warn police everything happening now is being streamed live to my lawyer. I know it sounds like overkill but is there anyone or any company that can assist me. Cameras must BE HIDDEN… Multi cam I would imagine but I need to record everything both outside and inside the vehicle. Please help if you can, thank you

  2. Pretty decent but interesting to note that the difficult lighting conditions were too much for its limited dynamic range and would not be suitable for for instance autonomous driving. Although it could be exposed for emphasis on the road which would help a lot. Good for crash cam.

  3. Did you hear about the new P100 release
    I ordered my P90 it was actually on its way to me when the announcement came out.
    Needless to say I’m not happy I am going to have to cancel the order and reorder it to get the 100.
    It’s a long story the alternative was not good.

  4. Thanks for the review. I think this camera is the same one that the Falcon Zero dashcam uses (menu and startup sound was exactly the same). I had two of these, which worked fine for the first several months but eventually had numerous problems keeping the timestamp set (it would reset all the time). This happened to both of my dashcams. Hopefully this one doesn’t have this issue.

  5. Just as a suggestion, try to keep the reviews a bit more concise. 17 minutes is a bit longer than it needed to be. 5 minutes would have been good.

  6. Nice shot. Off topic question. Any recommendation on where to purchase a 10-30r to 14-50 adapter? Or you don’t recommend using that plug? Thank you

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