Accfly Dual Lens Lcd Car Dvr Rearview Mirror

Product description: The Accfly Car Dvr not only has two excellent resolution cameras ,the camera’s display is very clear.
the cheap display.
The is automatically turned on and recording when the engine starts, and off shortly after the is off.
Loop ensures that you never will have to worry about space on your Sd card front and rear can be recorded at the same time, add a guarantee for trip.
Function: Double video picture in ,or select one to view.
5 “tft Lcd screen size (blue) anti-glare glass Resolution: 1080 p / 720p Av In support of the (with the of reversing image) 140/120 degrees high-definition wide-angle lens format Mov video, motion detecting, cycle overlay G Sensor Memory: depending on the Microsd card, the maximum 32 gb Built-in lithium battery electricity protection Package Includes: In-car charger Usb cable User Manual

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