AUSDOM A261 HD DASH CAM Auto Car DVR Review || Test || Unboxing

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Product review and unboxing for the Ausdom A261 HD dashcam. The Ausdom A261 dash cam is loaded with features such as HD 1080p & 1296p, G-sensor, GPS, WDR auto record, & snapshot. A dash cam is also known as a car DVR. Dashcams are useful for recording and documenting events that occur on the road. Documented proof from a dash cam can save you from legal troubles; so an auto DVR is worth every penny. You might capture the next viral video on your dashcam!

UPC 6941428140036, 4003501500562, X000S7FQWD


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3 thoughts on “AUSDOM A261 HD DASH CAM Auto Car DVR Review || Test || Unboxing”

  1. Not bad…

    I always wanted a dash cam, too. I almost pulled the trigger on this one:

    The feature that sets this dash cam from the one you have is, “Control the camera and stream live video to your phone or tablet using the built-in 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi frequency” That is a good feature. Say you want to see what is going on outside your car at night, being you heard a commotion outside. You can activate the cam and look to see what is going on! How wicked is that?

    This one feature sets this one above the one you have. Other than that, the quality and features of your dash cam are standard in this day in age as it pertains to dash cameras.

    I would want a dash cam to bring something extra and uniqe to the table. Great review, though. You did a good job of showing the quality and features by mounting it and showing the video and audio quality. ^_^

  2. That’s a nice dashcam. I’ve personally had various types already and the GPS ones are the best because they record your speed.

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