Autobot Eye HD Car DVR HD Car Dash Camera

Car Dash Cameras are increasing in Popularity. Not only they are a good mean to provide solid proof in case of accidents, record amusing footage on the road and also provide good travel and driving videos to share with your family and friends. There are tons of Car Dash Cameras in the market and Autobot Eye is one of them. This small camera offers some very neat features and very easy to use single button operation. All the other features and settings you can access using your Android or iOS devices running Autobot app. You can download the videos and pictures immediately and share with the world online. Check out the complete review with Driving footage of Autobot Eye Car Dash camera and decide for yourself if you want to go for it or not.

You can order Autobot Eye Car Dash Camera here.

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15 thoughts on “Autobot Eye HD Car DVR HD Car Dash Camera”

  1. hm… I was expecting you will show us what data has camera recorded over your trip to work and back (speed, location, etc.)… And also if those claims about some of features are true or not (find car in parking lot, radar detector, etc…). Recorded video looks nice and night time recording is OK I guess…

    P.S. I haven’t seen some of your clips in a while, and I didn’t realize you moved to Dubai… but man… But from watching your trip to work in this video, I get impression of Dubai as quite depressing place… it’s all just bland sand and buildings in color of sand (I do realize it’s in middle of desert, but still)…and even if there is any green it looks tacked on and artificial… China looked to me way nicer (I actually used your clips from China to show people that China is not just ruined poor country, when they started to talk shit about it.). But, that’s just my impression. I hope you like it in Dubai and you and your family are happy there 🙂
    And keep up with cool videos (but try to update this one with a bit more info about camera)!

  2. ? Very nice review and duas in your voice in background. Price and quality of this dash cam is reasonable. It has built in battery?

  3. wow you work miles awaybfrom where you live you started in day light by end it was dark lol looks cool same powered off car look cool on a quad

  4. Nice review Ali , good quality picture and the small size interests me too , i will check it out . You did’nt say if the GPS worked but i don’t think it would , linked to your mobile maybe uses phones GPS . we know where you work now 🙂

  5. Hi Ali ..regarding the car plates.. was it clear during the recording? .. because I will use it to document traffic violations

  6. – DO NOT BUY! it’s a piece of crap, i have the autobot c, it does not
    auto-start, you have to press the ON button each time to turn start it.
    – IT HEATS UP so much so that the video becomes blurry and can’t read number plates!!
    – you need a stupid app that pretty much has full access to your phone!
    – the app does not have a typical setting as a real dash cam, it’s pretty much a webcam/SPYCAM!!
    – the segments are all in 1-minute videos! you cannot change this!
    – do yourself a favor and get a proper dash cam, i’ve warned you!

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