DDpai mini Review and iOS/Android App Walkthrough

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41 thoughts on “DDpai mini Review and iOS/Android App Walkthrough”

  1. Have you tried the android app? I am having trouble with it (crashing a lot). Also I cannot figure out how to download clips. I have the m6+.

  2. Thanks for the great review. I have a question please. I’d like to use front and rear camera and I can’t decide between two separate ddpai mini or mini 2 or a thikware dedicated two channel system. What is your opinion ?Thanks in advance.

  3. I’ve had this camera for two days now, and i can’t seem to make it record any video… Nor does he start filming when i start the engine and drive away. Nor does it make a picture or small video when in park guard mode… I changed the SD card a few times, 8gb (class 10) , 16GB (class 10), 64GB (class 10). The app itself is working just fine and connects easily to the camera. Also the button works great making short video lapse or picture.

    What am i missing here ? Any suggestions what i may be doing wrong ?

  4. Hi, I just bought one, how dose it work when you turn off car? I need it when I leave my car, so could you please tell me how it’s work when car is turned off? Many thanks

  5. I had to let your video play in the background to see if you got to what I wanted… and you did!
    14:35 Thanks! So this camera does not have a buffered parking mode (the king of parking mode initiation).

  6. Hi John.. Just wondering If you could remove the camera once you fix the adhesive part in the windshield like the BlackVue… or is it permanently fixed…?

  7. I bought this dash cam DDPai-MINI and I haven’t seen it taking video automatically after I start the engine. Is there any problem or do I need to click the remote button everytime?

  8. Im trying to figure out the loop recording. All I really care about is that its recording non stop and then overwriting the old files as it runs out of space. Any idea bud?

  9. Hi I just bought this camera but I cannot download the app onto my samsung tab think the operating system is too old is there a compatable one that you can recommend, thanks.

  10. hi John I’m looking for a dashcam that I can use while traveling and using with rental/borrowed cars something with the parking mode is necessary any ideas ?? BTW keep up the good work !!

  11. Hi, and thanks for the great channel!

    I have two questions for the DDpai Mini2 please:

    1) is it possible to make it completely silent? (through settings, remove ALL beeps and voice-notations etc?)

    2) is it possible to wire it directly to the fuse-box? (like, cut off the cig/usb-end and solder it into a fuse-extender or something like that.)

    (to explain my second question: I don’t care for parking-modes or the like, don’t need intermediary batteries or the like. I just want to power the camera while driving, but without having to use the cig-socket and have visible wires inside the car.)

    Cheers, Johannes

  12. hi John thanks for the review, quick question , if the ignition of the car is on does it start recording automatically, or do I have to watch it live on my phone to actually start recording

  13. I’m looking for a good taxi cam for when I uber. Good night quality inside the car with good audio is my main focus. Any suggestions

  14. can this still record when the car is off? Im just using this to catch people who tried messing around with my car during night

  15. I would like to use this as a rear camera, will the button’s signal still reach the camera if it is in the back of the car?

  16. If i lend this to someone or ask a driver to drive this, Can i record using my phone if I am in my office or at home?

  17. I have two questions:

    1) Does the app allow for live streaming on the phone? If yes, can it be viewed at full screen?

    2) Does it have an auto-rotation feature, that is if you put the camera upside-down does it automatically rotate the view so it is always up? If yes, can this feature be turned off?

  18. hey there! Thank you very much for this review, its great..!
    Can u please clarify regarding the parking mode: is it activated automatically? Or you need somehow to activate it each time you switch off your engine?
    I understood that additional wire set is required for the parking mode to work properly, but its not clear how does the camera detects that it’s time to start working in the parking mode; and also how does it understands that its time to get back to the normal mode?
    Thank you for your reply!

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