Great Dash Cam? AUSDOM AD282 Car DVR Dash Cam review

Time for a review of the Review of the AUSDOM AD282 Car DVR Dash Cam .

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14 thoughts on “Great Dash Cam? AUSDOM AD282 Car DVR Dash Cam review”

  1. I watched, thumbs up and I’m coming over (ha ha). Well, maybe next year. I hope you guys have a great 2017. I bought a back up camera a year ago and never installed it. You think I’m behind in my projects? Hope to see you soon buddy.

  2. Looks like a pretty good dash-cam Mike and the video and audio didn’t look bad at all. You were definitely in the country on that one lane road there 🙂 Wishing you and your family a REALLY GREAT NEW YEAR and be safe if traveling on the highway.

  3. I haven’t got a dash cam Mike so an interesting video for me… Love the outro audio, I’ve thrown a spanner or two a few times over the years ?

  4. Ha ha love the ending. I have a no name wingwang dashcam with about 30 hours drive time and the video is great @720P but sound quality sux. Yours sounds great.

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