GT300 1080P Dashcam Full Review & Sample Video

GT300 1080P Dashcam Full Review – The GT300 car dvr from Gearbest, a bargain dashcam with good video quality recording. The GT300 Records in 1080pFHD, 1080P, 720P, WVGA and VGA mode, a wide selection of recording resolutions. I include GT300 Footage clips and sample video on all resolutions.

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GT300 1080P 2.4 inch 110 degree view car night vision CMOS DVR dashcam
1080P full HD resolution car dashcam recorder
Adopting Generalplus 1248 chipset
1/2.7 inch CMOS image sensor
110 degree wide view angle
2.4 inch TFT display screen
Support night vision, G-sensor, loop recording, anti-shake and motion detection
Built-in microphone
Video resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080), 1080P (1440 x 1080), 720P (1280 x 720), WVGA (848 x 480), VGA (640 x 480)
Support AV out and HDMI out
Support maximum 32G TF card (not included)
Equipped with special car fixed suction cup mount, easy to fix and use

87 thoughts on “GT300 1080P Dashcam Full Review & Sample Video”

  1. How long is the battery life using a usb charger?

    I only have one lighter plug and run a radar detector full time in the one plug.

  2. 1080 and 720 looked the same detail. I have a 1080 dash cam and I can tell this is not true 1080 it is hardware upscaled 720 at best

  3. It does not ship with any TF card and has zero memory. They state a 5 hr. battery life which is closer to one hour. The USB cable is worthless and don’t know why they even included it. I had to by a TF 32-gb card [10 speed] and found in my bag of accessories a 5v output charger for charging the unit from a wall outlet. It’s actually a good deal, but a little more honesty would have made me purchase from this company again. Support was worthless and they sent me to someone else via a link and wanted all kind of pictures. I don’t have time for these games.

  4. one question I believe you said that you had a 4G micro card in there and I gave you one hour and some odd minutes recording time. I put in a 4G micro card at 1080p and it only gave me 26 minutes recording time. is there something I need to do to change that to get the hours and some-odd minutes you got?

  5. I recently bought this 3 days ago place our 32 memory card I did also said format on computer or on device I did and when trying to review it saws file can anyone help me pleeeeease or am I doing something wrong help

  6. the photos I shot am seeing it on the computer yes no problem with the still shot but the videos nada file error help thanks

  7. Just want to confirm as the instructions don’t seem to specify. I turn it on in my car and in about 10 mins the display shuts off. It is supposed to do that?

  8. Next question … My SD card is full. Is there a way to delete everything for reformat the card without removing the card from the device

  9. Hey, i have a question. When i set the resolution to 1080p the video is kinda laggy it has surely less than 30fps i would say around 15-20fps but when i change it back to 720fps its really smooth. Do you know what is the reason of that?

  10. Hi Guys, need help.. how to solve the problem on this one. i have 64gb SD card and the first time i use my for recording, it says SD CARD FULL. but i don’t have any video yet.. 🙁 please help..

  11. I have one of these very good to have as i have allot of people looking at my car and its captured people getting to close in parking mode. Mine didn’t come with a sd card so I brought a 64gb sd card but im not sure if the device is utilising the full 64gb as I think it maybe to much memory for it.anyway for the price and features its great. Stand alone battery not so great but look at the price of this gadget

  12. I have the same Camera I guess, but how is yours during night time? Mine is really awful, or is there a setting I should do?

  13. If I have my camera set to loop every 10 min…does it overwrite the old files?? It says my card is full, but I am not sure if thats a problem or its just full and keeps overwriting new files??

  14. how do I transfer my files from AVI to JPG pls? also I cannot play back the recordings after a drive when I insert the SD card in to my PC, please help & will really appreciate your advice many thx & best regards robin

  15. I was wondering why mine kept switching back on every couple minutes. As it seems it was on Park mode!! Thanks so much for this very informational video! 🙂

  16. Oh and another thing. I dont have the micro card adapter. Can i just transfer via the device itself > usb > computer? Thank you!

  17. Much appreciated, great to find a video with someone speaking the Queen’s English. Good info, clear and precise. Ta muchly…

  18. I saw a Facebook ad for this camera for $30 USD. I looked around the net & found it on another site for $15 USD, so i bought 2 of the, but they didn’t come with a card reader. The default language is Chinese, and the English portion of the manual was poorly translated, so it took a but of fooling around & interpreting the icons next to the menus to figure out how to change it to English.
    After recording a trip out & back home, I connected the camera to my desktop computer with the provided USB cable (pretty thin/flimsy) and selected the “Mass Storage” option but the computer couldn’t communicate. I tried looking for device drivers, restarting the computer & a few thing.
    The next day I decided to swap the provided USB cable for one I had laying around that came with an old phone, and it connected perfectly so I could read the contents of the microSD card still inside the camera & retrieve the video clips.
    Would I recommend this camera? For $15 USD… absolutely.

  19. Hi your review is excellent. I hope you can help me. When I switch on my camera it goes straight to a screen that says mass storage and another option which I can’t remember off hand. In this screen I can do nothing can you tell me how to return to the main screen (is there a hard reset function). I would appreciate any help

  20. Good instruction, I have one of this, you said you don’t use the loop mode, does that mean you need to format/delete the file everytime the card is full?

  21. Hi Just bought one of these and your vid helped a lot. Mine came in an unmarked box unbranded not even the GT300 for £12.73 free p+p from eBay. There seem others out there under various brand names NOVATEC, TOGUARD, STREETWISE at £43 + £2.70 p+p. and no card.
    Mine appears to be like yours. The instructions say the P is “Emergency Lock Button – manual lock vedio (sic) if very important. It also functions as you explain except the P is displayed in a box. Is this a dual function? Also if the loop is off does the recording fill the card then over right or just say card full and stop recording? And lastly how long does it take to fully charge the battery on a mains phone charger? Thanks Phil

  22. These camera’s have different circuit boards you get what you pay for.  I bought several different cameras that look the same and at different prices too.  All of them have the same problem in common.  When setting the DVR to record over when full I notice that more than half of the files are corrupt and don’t play.  Does anyone have a solution?

  23. my cam wont record at night but that doesn’t bother me. However I find that during the daytime it records erratically. For instance if I leave from my location and start the recording sometimes the actual recording will not start for maybe five minutes then will stop after 15 minutes restarting again and continuing for 15 minutes. Is it because I have not set it up properly?

  24. My only issue with the camera is when get any kind of movement, it turns on without me pressing the power key. I made sure the “P” was not engaged. Any suggestions?

  25. I’m losing my looped files it only saves about 1/2  of the looped files and the rest are corrupted no data on files.  If it is the TF Card, what mfg and class TF card would you recommend.  Is anyone else having this problem?  The only way I can save the files is to not use loop files just lower the Res to VGA and run in constant record mode.

  26. I am thinking of getting one of these. May I ask how the loop system works on this, as I read you can simply leave the camera to write over the previous recordings so as to reduce messing about. Yet I wonder what a 10 min loop can achieve if the accident occurs just as the loop is about to end/begin again?

  27. My camera works when unplugged and walking around my house, but when i put it in my car, it takes like 1-second vid and then won’t record. After that, i will look at all the vids and they are just orange boxes. It basically doesn’t record when I’m driving. HELP!!!!

  28. Also, saw this on Facebook for $39.99. The video is although lackluster is passable. It does have nice features, but you can see how you can wind up with one that may be a knockoff, such as mentioned by a few reviewers. That seems to be common with some of the popular low price range and one that was rated pretty good for a low priced unit the G1W with the Novatek 96650 chip, The knockoff units use the cheaper 96620 chip and it shows in the video quality. So far I’m considering buying the Yi for $49.99 sold by Yi Technology through Amazon and you can get a 2 year warranty for less than 4 bucks. It has wifi, G sensor, but since it has no battery it does not have motion detecton park mode.

  29. I bought the camera about 1 month ago from
    But my “Full HD CAR DVR 1080P” dash-cam is stuck: I tried all buttons but nothing happens
    can somebody show me a solution? can anybody can help?

  30. Where do you get firmware update? I could not find it anywhere… what key words to use? Also how did you turn off the sound during startup/shutdown? I have annoying chirpy sound everytime I launch it.

  31. Great video. Thank you so much! I purchased 2 of these in the US but 1 doesn’t seem to work at all. The screen is split almost in half with the right side displaying a clear image,r while the left side has streaks running down it and green stripes in the middle. I can get to the Video page and the Set Up page but cannot select any options, or get back to recording when turned on. The power button will not turn it off or on. Is there a mailing address to send it for repairs?

  32. I got one of these cheap at a market and finally got to testing it out a bit today
    for the price I paid I think it’s pretty good
    It was mainly purchased for a ” scare tactic ” to prevent people from getting too close and does that job alright too

  33. When I am connecting it to PC and choosing either Memory or Webcam it goes stuck with blue screen and noisy sound. It is normal how can I fix it or what is the solution.

  34. Sorry for what seems like a very dumb question. Just got it. Connecting the camera to the mounting device is impossible. No amount of force can ‘slide’ it on. There are little plastic pieces obstructing the process. I’m afraid that if I push it harder that I will break it. I haven’t even gotten to the tough parts. BTW, no 4GB card with it. I paid $39.99 for one.

  35. Hey, great video. Thanks for it. 🙂 I was looking to buy the camera that can record at night time from the inside of my car. Now as I understand this camera has option to switch on by itself on movement and record even if the car isn’t moving. Would you say it would go on if somebody is taking windscreen wipers off? Did you maybe test it like that? So night time, not much light and somebody is trying to steal the windscreen wipers?

  36. After a few weeks of operation mine freezes within a few minutes of turning on every time. Not finding any support or solutions online. Please help.

  37. Thank you for this nice review. I especially liked the calm way you explained everything. Also the footage was nice to see.
    Greetings from Charley, the Netherlands 🙂

  38. Hi there I have one of these and it is as you say pretty good but what I can’t set is it auto switching off when I switch off the ignition. Should it? or is there a setting that I should have it set at? I have it plugged in continuously to the cigarette charger.


  39. My camera dont want to start I got 64gb DVR Full HD 1080
    Thanks for helping. chava_ledesma

  40. HEPL!!
    when done setting time , video quality etc. ok for just one drive but when turn off all setting won’t​ stick it back to default setting. did I miss something ???

  41. Thank you this video, very helpful. My dash cam looks the same but doesn’t have all the same features. I got it from Hong Kong so it must be a cheaper but almost identical looking knock off. Watch out for the location of the buttons being different to tell the cheaper versions. The tip about the USB cords being for charging only was very helpful as I couldn’t get it to show videos and you clued me in on that. The cheaper version does not appear to have a park feature, a big disappointment. Lesson learned, do some research before buying.

  42. Be careful when buying these dashcams! Although they all look like the same thing they are very different. I also bought the from a cheap supplier and found that the specs are not even close the advert. Glorious misrepresentation here!. Advertised as 1080p! The setup screen takes one through three resolutions: 1080p, 720 and VGA. On testing the results, all three settings only delivers VGA quality, i.e.only 480! Then the manual refers to a model with night vision, G-sensor etc. Noting in the camera delivered. Ouch!

  43. Nice but how about night time driving is it good at night as that is when you get more accidents on the road please give your opinion at night thanks Bob

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