International Edition – Xiaomi YI 1080P Smart Car Dash Camera REVIEW & Sample Footage

The review and sample footage of the International Xiaoyi YI Smart Car Dash Camera.

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The Xiaomi YI Dash Camera is a new and affordable car dash camera available from Xiaomi. In this video you will be able to see sample footage for day and night driving.

30 thoughts on “International Edition – Xiaomi YI 1080P Smart Car Dash Camera REVIEW & Sample Footage”

  1. Great review as always. I have been looking for a dash cam for awhile and now this video has made up my mind.
    Thanks Redskull

  2. hi again have you see the elephone s7 it tries to be like de s7 edge but a lot cheaper, do you plan to make a review of that and compare with the s7 edge also can you help me with my channel like some advices how to start i already have 129 subs thanks

  3. just few short questions:
    1. is there any time gap between sequential video files?
    2. how ADAS works? will it make loud enough sound when event happens?

  4. Thanks for the sample footage. I was going to buy one of these, will go with another option that’s half the price instead. 🙂
    It’s marginally better than other china-sourced dash cams, and equally awfull @ low light conditions. I guess there’s no dash cam that perform decently @ low light yet…

  5. I don’t know about others but my Xiaomi Yi dashcam without power source(on battery inside it) lasts only about 10 seconds.

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