Maisi Ambarella A7 Full HD Car Dash Camera DVR Review | A Black Box For Your Car

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What I use:
Camera: Canon SX710 HS ( and Samsung NX Mini (
Tripod: K&F Concept TM2534 (
Microphone: Usually BM-700 ( and Sometimes Camera Microphone
Lighting: 50x70cm Softbox Studio Lights (
Editing: Final Cut Pro X

12 thoughts on “Maisi Ambarella A7 Full HD Car Dash Camera DVR Review | A Black Box For Your Car”

  1. Skip ahead to 14:02 fr the actual footage from the dashcam but it’s pretty much useless as he set it for the lowest setting so we don’t know if the quality is good or not 🙁

  2. My experience could be slightly biased as my user experience got real, real fast. I needed owned this (my first dashcam) for about three days once i had my first ever accident. I’ve been driving for 15 years without having any accidents now how I have just got a new dashcam before my first accident I dont know, however i am very thankful to have had it. I am certain sometime soon all vehicles will come standard with dashcams but until then it becomes an wonderful buy.

  3. Good video!! I have one of these cameras the suction pad broke first time I stuck to window and have never used as I’m finding very complicated to use turns of a min after turning on don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  4. Issue is it keeps turning off and I also can’t find were to buy a new suction pad for it had the camera for 7 months and haven’t used it yet!!

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  6. Just for info, the AE selection you made at around 8:35 is your exposure compensation. The camera will decide the best exposure between bright and dark, and the compensation option allows you to override by increasing or decreasing its default.

  7. I have the same camera, you need to turn off the motion detection feature. this will allow the recording to continue without the 8 second gap, also make sure you save at 1min interval. Works perfect for me, footage is really smooth and no gaps in the recording at all.
    Also make sure you have a class 6 or higher SD card.

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