20 thoughts on “Mini 0806 Dash Camera Review – Gearbest.com”

  1. Yeah Mic was having a bad day, I need to buy something better. Taking donations for recording studio.

  2. Does it come with any Software to show you where the car has been on – say google maps. Or can any geo-loaction video software get the gps data from the video ? if so can you recommend one

  3. Hi,

    Does the class of the micro SD card matter? From where I bought it from, the guy is telling me it only takes class 4 and 6.

    Is this true? I already bought 2x class 10 128gb cards.


  4. How’s the heat dissipation on this camera, does the auto memory switch mode work properly?

    This camera is currently sold for 86.99$ US on http://www.gearbest.com/car-dvr/pp_138841.html using coupon code: FC0806

  5. Nice review, but there are still pop up glitches – over heating etc, cautiously considering purchase – BJ

  6. Hi mate, For the EV adjustment, when camera is on or recording can we directly press Up or Down button to adjust or need to go through the Manual to make the EV adjustment? Cheers:D

  7. Great review!
    This is just the type of dash cam i’ve been looking for. Does it creak or make any noises whilst driving?

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