Review Lazada’s Car DVR CT EB Co Store-CD007BU (morning)

Bought this car DVR in Lazada:
Model: CT EB Co Store-CD007BU

– Cheap.
– Save space. The DVR itself is a rear mirror with camera attached at the back.
– Easy to install. Just cover existing rear mirror, and connect power cable to car cigarette lighter socket will do.
– The camera is not obvious when looking from outside of the car. The camera is very small, people will think it is a rear mirror instead of DVR. If your car is tinted, it is very hard to see it. Good for prevent thief breaking in.

– Low image quality especially at night. (see video at
– No internal memory. Need slot in own SD card.
– Difficult to adjust camera to get the best recording angle. By default it is bias to the left.
– Rear mirror is blue color.

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