57 thoughts on “review: Viofo A119S VS A119 VS OPIA2 VS XiaoYi – Extreme test 1440p // IMX291 vs OV4689 vs AR0230”

  1. Looks like the Yi is best for fast moving plates, but the A119 is better for slower objects. The A119S doesn’t really appear any sharper at night than its predecessor. …… Thank you for the review.

  2. Wow what an excellent video. All comparison videos should be done like this. The freezing and zooming of license plates was fantastic. The A119 beats the A119S however the yellowish tint which makes the video look like a film from the 1920s is a deal breaker.

  3. I have to to agree with the majority here. I like the 119 the best even thought its color was tilted to yellowish compared to the others.
    Also that this was one of, if not the best video I’ve seen to compare current dashcams. Two thumbs, way up!
    Now I have to sub and find out what else you’ve produced. TY.

  4. it is well cutted, thank you very much. With the Omnivision sensor the A119 can support 1440P resolution (WQHD), in case of SONY (A119S) there is 1080P (FHD) – it is disappointment for me. Unfortunately I don’t know the others. But I’m sure that the resolution of the sensor is the most important because you can easily zoom in video and you have more pixels/information and you can easily read the license plate numbers.
    The position of the dash cam or position of subject (for example license plate number on the picture) do also matter. if it is on near border maybe the quality is not so good like in center.
    The wider aperture (remember that’s a smaller number) of the A119S lets in more light and further contributes to its impressive night time or rainy weather video quality.

  5. Not a true test of the A119 and A119S. One was set at 1080P and the other at 1440P. Set all cameras the same resolution for  true tests.

  6. Thanks!! I’m torn between these 4 cameras and this video is the best comparison video out there to show the strengths and weaknesses of each. Opia 2 comes out on top for most situations you showed, it has the clearest image quality overall… however the Yi is also nearly as good and at 1/5 the price the Yi is clearly the best buy. I love the form factor of the A119/s as it’s very discreet and hides well, but just wish it had the same video quality as the Opia2 because I would pay Opia2 prices for it. A119s does have some very impressive ultra low light capabilities, but when that is almost never the driving situation then I don’t think it’s worth it when the A119 is so much sharper and better at getting license plates. I’m very impressed at the Yi’s quality for the price, but hate the digital-camera looking design so I think I’ll go with the A119 for the form factor and the sharper image quality.

  7. Wow is right. Good video. Also wow that all the cameras seem to do something best. I’m happy with my A119. Was thinking about upgrading to A119S but now not so sure.

  8. Best dashcam review so far! All the really important bits are shown, great job! i have the a119 for my tinted rear window and love it but i will wait for the a119s to get cheaper. It’s great with the wdr at night and will compensate for the tinted window and night driving. For the front i use the mini 806 and that is better at freezing plates then the a119 but a119 with motion detection on all the time and a 12000mah power bank can be used as kind of parking mode for 24hrs.

  9. I had the A119, 1440p was great for the night, but in the day it’s blurry (reading plates). The obvious choice for the day would be the Opia 2, but it’s almost double in price. So it’s not worth it at all. I would recommend an A119 for night and a Xiao Yi for day!

  10. I currently own the A119 and looking at the video examples the A119 resolution appears to best the other three, where the A119S appears to do a better job of processing a greater dynamic range and when look at the zoom crops of the license plates the A119 appears to be mush clear and sharper than the other three. The A119 has a four mega pixel sensor while the Sony has a two mega pixel senor and the A119 having higher resolution than the A119S, going smaller does not always mean looking better.

  11. looks like a119s is good for extreme darkness? it was acting like a nightvision camera pretty much with the van shot.

  12. Good afternoon. I wanted to see the original video of this test all DVRs, where you can download?
    What are firmware and settings.
    Thank you.

  13. comparing a119 and a119s in this vid. a119 is better with stills, s is much better in motion despite the lower res. at night the s is better in every way.

  14. This is awesome!! Well done. 🙂 I’m surprised to see the A119 trump the A119s, even at night. Looks like those extra pixels are worth it. 🙂

  15. Great sequence on detail. It is hard to beat that Omni Vision sensor, irrespective of the tint leaning toward the primary side as being warm as opposed to a white view with the A119S. I guess you can compare halogen to led and take your pick. I’m having doubts as to the F.O.V which I always considered the primary target; to be anywhere from 120°, to a maximum of 140°. After carefully examining the A119 and A119S via this video, I conquer that the F.O.V. on the A119 shows more at the outer edges which is somewhat significant when trying to acquire certain images.

    Even though the Sony sensor allows doubling of light as opposed to a front illuminated sensor, I’m not sold on the pairing of the processor and sensor of the A119S. There appears to be some attenuation on the side of the A119S which is a distraction, especially with a top of the line sensor like the Sony Exmor. I’m highly impressed with the A119 and the Vico Opia2 is no slouch by any means. The Omni Vision sensor still remains the benchmark over the Aptina, and coordinates well with the Novatek chipset. The Ambarella is a quality processor that should be looked at more closely.

    I purchased two A119S cams a couple of days ago and may cancel the order. There really is no lynch pin to to equate the A119S as the better camera, only in theory of light, “with no detail”. In reference to the Vico Opia2, I really paid not much attention to after discovering some minor abnormalities BUT it is still in contention with the A119S, truly surprising.

  16. Bare in mind, the Opia 2 costs two times the price of an A119/A119s. Basically the winner here is the A119. But if you drive a lot in the night, get an A119s

  17. why didn’t you test the a119s at 60FPS ?
    I’m just curious if it would give a sharper still image when zooming in on the license plates.
    Nice video!

  18. What firmware revision was the A119S? Got word that sharpness levels vary pretty much depending on firmware.

  19. fantastyczny test. gdyby tylko wszystkie testy tak wyglądały….zero ględzenia nie na temat, szczegóły świetnie uwidocznione, super muzyka w tle i ogólnie podejście interesujące dla widza. BRAWO !!
    a już miałem wyłączyć po zobaczeniu nicka. szacun.

  20. I agree with everybody in here: ALL dashcam comparison videos should be done this way! You really did an outstanding job!
    It’s a shame that there isn’t a camera that fulfills all of the requirements. Out of the ones you have shown, I think the A119 appears to be the best choice.
    However, in the freeze-frame test (reading plates from oncoming traffic) there is something that you might have overlooked. I know that sometimes by selecting one or two frames forwards or backwards you could potentially capture a better photo sample. When you froze the frame and zoomed-in, did you capture the still photos at the same time? Or did you search for the best frame from all of the cameras?

  21. about sharpness, if you watch from 2:00 to 3:03 again you’d see that all 4 has had their share of blurred license plate… watch carefully.

  22. Wow, Thank you for the greatest comparison video ever made for dash cams. Awesome job and keep up the good work 🙂

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