SQ9 Mini Camera Review – SQ9 Video Samples & How To Use

SQ9 Mini Camera Review – SQ9 Video Samples & How To Use – The SQ9 review is here, it’s in-depth and covers everything that the SQ9 camera has to offer. I also compare it to the SQ8 very briefly.

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Time Intervals
00:30 – SQ9 Bracket Issue
02:20 – SQ9 Recording 720p & 1080p
04:40 – SQ9 Night Mode Infa-red
06:50 – SQ9 Motion Detection Mode setup
09:00 – SQ9 Date and Time Set
11:20 – SQ9 Charging
12:05 – SQ9 Video Samples
13:52 – SQ9 vs SQ8 Video Sample
14:18 – SQ9 Conclusion
15:35 – SQ9 Outro – Goodbye

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SQ9 mini 1080P full HD car DVR camera recorder
High definition full HD1080P
With 360 degree rotation camera bracket, record any angle you want
Compact design, portable handheld
Video format: 1920 x 1080P at 15fps, 1280 x 720P at 30fps
Support TV out, TV monitor video connection
Image resolution: 12MP (4032 x 3024)
Support 32GB TF card max. (not included)
Image proportion: 4 : 3
Support system: Windows ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista, Mac OS, Linux
Battery capacity: Built-in 200mAh li-ion battery
Working time: About 100 minutes at 1080P 15fps
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Interface type: Mini 8 pin USB

41 thoughts on “SQ9 Mini Camera Review – SQ9 Video Samples & How To Use”

  1. Thanks for the review. I was about to purchase that cam on GB last week but since was no reviews, i decide to go for SQ8 becouse i know and i like that cam and image are good for the size and price. And becouse the form.. i don’t like that ball form factor. Now i know that i choose well. The problem of overheating… well, maybe i will charge it in the refrigerator.. could result. 🙂

  2. Why do you compare the SQ9 in 1080 against the SQ8 in 720? Of course that looks disappointing. The 720 you included from the SQ9 is much better, just as it is in the SQ8. The 1080 mode in both is inferior in frame rate and off in aspect ratio… there’s no reason to use that mode at all. If you compare your 720’s, they are nearly identical, with small color shifts that all seem to vary from camera to camera in the SQ series. (I have one that is pinkish, one that is greenish, and one that is pretty balanced in color…).

  3. hi! my sq9 while play back the recording files make noise like radio frequency. do u have that problem or how do u fix that problem or my sq9 is defect.??

  4. This is by far the BEST review of this camera I have seen! Thanks for taking the time to do such an in-depth review. Very much appreciated !

  5. is anyone having charging issues with this? Ive used both the included cable and my own, tried it with PC and mains, it just doesnt charge

  6. If you use a 32Gb card, will it loop record or go continuously?. I would like to park it as a security camera and record with the motion detection mode for days

  7. Thanks for the amazing review!
    while in motion detector mode, how long of inactivity before the camera stops recording? Do i need to manually turn it off myself each time?

  8. We are having major problems with this thing.!! Very glad you had a review. This camera is not user friendly at all. When we hooked it up to tv, it wouldnt work using the yellow plug, my Husband had to plug it in another hole thing. Then when we tried to view what we thought were our video, it said “Pictures”.

  9. how do you turn this camera off. does it turn itself off after inactivity or do u have to manually turn it off. if so. how so?

  10. Anyone having problems getting it to switch on? I did a couple of successful videos, transferred them to my PC which then insisted on scanning the card to fix ‘errors’. Having deleted the videos from the card, I now can’t get the camera to start again. Flashes the blue light 4 times then shuts down. Any ideas?

  11. Hello!

    I do not how find to activate(start) the night-vision. Can you help me?
    ( Saddened for my English, I am French …-_-)

  12. Hi,

    thanks for the review!
    I have a couple of questions:

    1) is it possible to record 24h without interruptions when it’s charging over USB?
    2) Does it automatically override the old footage with new one when the SD Card is full?
    3) Does the IR automatically turn on when it’s dark outside?

    Because of vandalism I’d like to install it inside my car to monitor the surroundings 24h/24h day AND night plugged into a power bank over USB. Can I do this with this cam ? Thank you!

  13. Worthless piece of junk. Will not work as advertised. Does not program as shown in this YouTube video. Does not record when plugged into USB (Seller states it does) and dangerously overheats. Battery will not charge. Video picture is horrible, when it’s working. Mounting bracket is cheap and flimsy. Do not waste your money.

  14. Does it automatically turn on when power is applied (like turning on your car) and off when the power is removed…if it doesn’t, pretty useless for a car DVR. You’ll have to remember to turn it on and off when in the car.

  15. I bought an SQ9, I think this cam don’t work. it only records for 00.40 sec and once I recorded 5 mins video. but I want to record more. and when I connect to TV it never shows anything. even though on A/V mode. Please help me on this if u can.

  16. Thanks for making that. The SQ8 is a miracle to me.. I fit it on a small blob of Blutack inside my helmet visor and its just great for the ride to work. I don’t think “night mode” is intended for outside and car use. ( More like a secret surveillance cam in the dark .) I don’t see much benefit in buying an SQ9 since the ball shape is only any use if you want to redirect it regularly and after seeing the quality I think not…

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