TOGUARD FHD 1080P Dash Cam 4 0 inch IPS Screen Car DVR F2 0 Big Eye Dual Lens Car DVR

Dash DVR Camera – Front and Rear Cameras – 4.0″ IPS Screen – F2.0 Lens – Collision Avoidance – Lane Change Alarm
TOGUARD FHD 1080P Dash Cam, 4.0” IPS Screen Car DVR, F2.0 Big Eye Dual Lens Car DVR with Rear Camera, 130 Degree Wide Angle, Night Vision, LDWS, FCWS, WDR, Loop Recording, G-sensor Function

This video shows a TEMPORARY installation of the camera. I had not yet routed the cables or hidden the rear cam cable.

This dash cam or car DVR boasts a 4.0″ IPS screen that is very clear. I’ve tested cheaper dash cams with lesser LCD screens and this one has great resolution in comparison. It has a 130 degree wide angle glass lens.

The DVR records to a TF (MicroSD) card that you have to provide. It will take up to a 32GB MicroSD card in the slot on the bottom of the camera. On the top of the camera you’ll find the power jack, the jack for the rear view camera, and the screw mount for the suction cup mount.

A tip, put the suction cup mount on the camera before mounting it on the windshield. It’s a bit easier that way. Another tip is to program it before you put it up on the windshield because it’s easier also. Clean the suction cup and glass with isopropyl alcohol and mount it while the alcohol is still wet. It will dry and be semi-permanent.

Programming was as easy as going through the menues with the buttons on the side and choosing the options you wish to utilize. Once you get it set up, all you have to do is keep it plugged into the car power jack. When you start the car, the camera will come on automatically. It will go off automatically when you turn off the car.

The camera has a good lens and the video from it was clear and HD. It records in segments so you can submit just the segment where an accident occurred. It has a forward collision warning system to let you know of an impending collision so you can avoid it.

The camera comes with a built-in 500mAh battery, so once charged, you can use for a short time out of the vehicle to record an accident scene. It will snap pictures as well.

The really cool thing about this set is that you get a rear camera as well. You have to run a cable from the camera up front to the camera in back and then mount the camera somewhere on the back of the vehicle with the adhesive foam included in the kit. The back up camera is wide angled and you can see all around the back of you.

The video screen of what’s being recorded can be changed to one of several modes. The modes include Front Camera Only, Rear Camera Only, Front Camera on Main Screen with Picture in a Picture Rear View and the reverse of that, Front and Rear Split Horizontally, and Front and Rear Split Vertically. So you can pick the right mode for the moment and take full advantage of the two cameras. Tip: Remember to peel the blue tape off the rear view camera lens before using.

After using this car DVR, I am pleased with the quality of the picture on the LCD screen. I’m pleased with the operation of this camera thus far. I’ve set the date and time and all the options and mounted it in my car.

This camera works well right out of the box and provides good quality recordings. I did have one issue with the camera and it relates to the sticker they put over the lens for protection. When I removed the sticker, it left a goopy mess I had to use some orange cleaner to remove. Not a big thing, but something to note. I believe this is a 5-star kit. I’m pleased with its simple installation and its function.

17 thoughts on “TOGUARD FHD 1080P Dash Cam 4 0 inch IPS Screen Car DVR F2 0 Big Eye Dual Lens Car DVR”

  1. Hi, I installed this dash and rear camera this afternoon.
    After laying all my cables, I connected all the plugs to the front camera, then into the power socket in my car, nothing came on the screen.
    All I got was a red light on the side, near the buttons.

  2. Has anyone had a problem with theirs not zooming? Mine seems to be stuck on zoom out. Everything looks like it’s a block and a half away. Thanks

  3. Mine has a red and black wire on the rear camera. I know the read goes to the reverse lights but what is the back wire go to? I’m not talking about the black cable for the front camera. The red and black wires are together like power wires.

  4. Hi, I have a camera that is the same as the calibration of the cam and how it is configured after having connected it please help I have tried and I could not

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