Top 5 Budget Dash Cameras – 2017 Edition

Here’s our latest ~$100 dash camera recommendations for 2017. This is an update to the video we released in May.

UPDATE: May 25, 2017
We no longer recommend the Lexar 633X SD Card. There’s a global memory card shortage which has raised prices. A combination of increased failures and unchanged card pricing with the Lexar 633X leads us to believe that the NAND quality may have been reduced. We’ll be back soon with an alternative.

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• Our SD Card Recommendations:

• Guide to parking mode cameras and hardwiring:

A Guide to Parked Recording with Dash Cameras

• Top 3 Premium Cameras:

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Below are affiliate links which cost nothing to you and help us create more reviews like this one.

#1 Viofo A119 – $100
Best value camera for most drivers. Stealth, video quality, good reliability. Our review:

Update: Version 2 has been released which improves the power connection between the camera and GPS mount, adds foam pads to reduce vibrations.

Get it:
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:

eBay: (estore009, great seller, China)
New V2 stock + Black 3M VHB

eBay USA – Clearance on the V1 model. $70 + $9 shipping:

The does not have better video quality in most situations but is likely to improve. Not a bad buy, your choice. Read my Reddit post for more details:

Amazon USA: (OCDTronic, great customer service)
Amazon CAN:
Amazon UK: (Sold by estore009 under the name “WonVon”. China based seller. Use coupon code “7INJC8U4” for the non GPS version and “FMPKA4ZW” with GPS for a £5 discount)

#2 A118-C – $50
The original version purchased overseas is still the cheapest for $50. We think this is the cheapest camera you should purchase. There are counterfeits, you want the Viofo model. Our Review:

Orignal A118 from eBay:

Updated A118C2 model – $80
Right now it’s overpriced and the A119 is better but if you’re looking to get it, here’s a few links:

Amazon USA: (OCDTronic)

#3 – Yi Dash Cam – $60 USD
The cheapest WiFi, rotating camera we recommend. Good reliability but it has a lithium ion battery so don’t use it in hot environments. Our Review:

Get it:
Amazon USA :
Amazon CAN:

#4 Transcend 200 – $100 – For drivers in hot and humid environments who are on a budget and want a camera which has been proven to be reliable. If you don’t need that, look at the Yi or the A119 instead for better performance. Our Review:

Tape Version Recommended
Amazon USA –
Amazon CAN –
Amazon UK –

#5 Goluk T3 – $100
Slim, stylish performance. Wifi, capacitor design, automatic parking mode. Should be available in Canada and UK in the future. You can also order directly from Goluk.

As a nerdy comment they are using Shopify as their eCommerce platform which is very secure and not typically used by Chinese companies. Good on them.

Amazon USA:

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For our premium camera recommendations see our video:

The constant rewriting done by dash cameras wears down SD cards. Some cards are more durable than others. We tell you why and what we recommend you get.

Full video:

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We received the Viofo A119 from the manufacturer and the A118C and G1W from Spy-Tec for free. The following cameras we purchased at a discount: A118C2 from estore009. These cameras we bought full price: Goluk T3, Transcend 200, Yi Dash Cam, DDpai Mini2, Aukey DR01, Rexing V1.

As always trust with our audience is the #1 currency.

Thank you for your support!
-Andrew & Team

99 thoughts on “Top 5 Budget Dash Cameras – 2017 Edition”

  1. *I’m pretty disappointed with the DR650GW right now… I found a minor bumper damage on my car today and I have no idea when it happened, but apparently someone had hit me but that footage has long been overwritten now. I’m interested to know if there are any 2CH dashcams that you can recommend that has a parking feature where it will have some kind of notification icon or a light that will alert me that the g-sensor was triggered while I was parked.*

    *I make it a habit to do a brief walk around my car every time, but unfortunately, unless the damage is big and obvious, it would be tough for me to catch it. And realistically, it’s not reasonable for me to walk around my car thoroughly examining it every time. If there was some kind of notification system, then I would know to go check my car extra carefully, only when I know the g-sensor was triggered.*

    *I know the A118C had a feature like this. But unfortunately it wasn’t 2CH so I switched to the DR650GW. But it seems like I would rather switch to a better dashcam that has the feature I am looking for… because even with an expensive dashcam, someone now has gotten away after hitting my car. Justice is not served. Do you have any recommendations?*

  2. Assuming that turning the camera around isn’t a factor.
    Is the Aukey DR-01 truly better than the Transcend 200?

  3. I’m so new in this. I had hit and run and want to get dash cam that good for parking too. What would you recommend.

  4. Thank you for this very informative video about the good dash cams for the budget. Really appreciate it !!!

  5. If the suction version keeps falling off it most likely means that you need to clean your windscreen more often. I had the same issue with my (heavy) GPS systeem, the thing kept falling off. Once I gave it a good clean it stayed on for weeks. Just my two cents opinion. 😉

  6. You didn’t mention anything about the G/crash sensor on the Yi camera to protect footage in the event of a collision.

  7. Hi, i just wanted to say thanks for your videos! I think I’m going to get a Viofo A119.
    Oh, do you want to give away any of your cams? ?

  8. Thank you for your video, I bought a A119 because of this Video.
    just got the dashcam installed, and I have a question, do I need to unplug the power cable when I turn off my car, so it doesn’t drain my car’s battery? (I drive my car everyday except on sunday) thank you in advance.

  9. I’m looking into becoming an Uber and Lyft driver, that being said I would like to know if you have recommendations for dual lens (front and interior cab) view cameras? Or perhaps the best rotating lens camera so that I can record the passengers in the case of an altercation/situation as well as the road ahead. Thanks

  10. Looks like the 64 GB Transcend is off the charts price wise at the moment. 100 US at newegg and 75 through a third party seller on Amazon. 32 GB currently 26+/- at Amazon and newegg

  11. I looked through both this and the premium dash cams. I like the Goluk T3 for it’s convenient button and WiFi, but disappointed in that it cant turn around to face inside the car (since I am a Lyft driver). Is there any similar dash cam to the Goluk that can turn around, or a good middle priced dash cam that has good quality and ability to turn around with good parking mode?

  12. Sweden recently made dashcams legal, but they are not allowed to turn on with the car (and operator needs to start is or it counts as an security camera which needs special permit) so any recommendation on that? Also it’s good if it can take at least -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit).

  13. hi, i bought a blackbox Capacitor G1W-C from ebay and i think its a knock off because it looks very cheap and it has a few problems. i just need some answers. so when the car starts and the camera turns on, there is this screeching noise that eventually stops after a while. i never had that problem with other dash cams. and then on the screen there are lines. one line across the screen and another 2 that makes a triangle. and finally i don’t drive every day and like after a week, i use the dash cam and the date hasn’t updated to the current date. i was wondering if the date problem would happen to any dash cam if u don’t regularly use it? thanks.

  14. Ho acquistato una Viofo A119S, da subito ha dato problemi, una volta va, 10 volte no, adesso non va più, non so cosa fare, qui nessuno la conosce nemmeno i negozi Cinesi che riparano cellulari e computer praticamente soldi buttati, spero non siano tutte così

  15. DR-01. Mount the suction arm at an angle and you should be able to get both the windshield view and out 1 window with just a swivel.

  16. I’m torn between the yi and the goluk… It’s going to be mounted in the top left corner (my car is right hand steering) I need WiFi for a live feed. the goluk looks better and has a capacitor, but the quality doesn’t seem as good… I don’t know if I can justify the price.

  17. I have to be honest I cannot disagree with you more about the g1w. I’m on my 2nd one and it’s great!!! The night time and day time is crisp and sharp but I have the g1wh from spytec. I recommend this camera to ANYONE who has a budget under 70$ and that’s including a memory card. I have always used an 8gb card with it. Only problem is suction cup in warm weather pops off the windshield and for some reason it randomly stops recording when the parking mode is activated but for 50$ it’s a beast. Survives our very warm summer and very cold winters here in RI and the customer service now is outstanding. I highly recommend you give the g1wh a better chance than what you have

  18. Hi. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and have a steep windshield angle and most of these cameras don’t work well on my vehicle. My jeep does have a built in tripod screw mount and I have a GoPro adapter on it. My GoPro sucks as it’s not heat proof and the battery swells and dies in just a few hours in the sun. Can you recommend a DASH mounted camera for my case instead of these windshield cameras?

  19. Thanks for the straightforward and helpful video! If a camera is running all night in parked mode, like the Goluk for example, will it drain your car battery?

  20. Hi Andrew,

    no doubt very informative videos. Since you have mentioned it too and i experienced myself as well that its hard to find the reliable company to buy the stuff due to counterfeits. It will be best if you could while recommending the cameras, also recommend or provide a link for the supplier that we can trust and buy the cameras, SD Cards, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. I would love to see a video where a Youtuber buys the dashcams at full price from BestBuy and reviews them and makes a video…that way there is no “we got it free for review” from the manufacturers hindering the decisions on what is their “best picks”

  22. The Viofo A119 would be my choice, I use a lot of rental cars when I go out of town. Is there a suction cup available. The rental company would charge me extra to remove the adhesive mount. Thanks…

  23. I’m down to A119 and the Aukey DR-01. Love your review and all the detailed info on the A119, thank you! I’m not finding as much out there (from you or elsewhere) on the Aukey DR-01, but what I am reading and watching seems impressive and comparable to A119. How do you think they compare?

  24. Sad to not see the G1W or G1W-C this year. I do not agree with your suggestions over the G1W. Persomally, I think recommending a good seller for the G1W would have been better than jsut removing it.

  25. Why can’t they make a camera that is less conspicuous? I hate stuff stuck on the windshield. It looks like they could design one that rests on the dash wedged next to the glass.

  26. cordial saludo es posible y por favor me das estos valiosos y muy buenos concejos en español. Gracias y buen dia

  27. Well, after watching your video I can clearly say… None of this cameras can show license plate beyond 1 meter from the cam. horrible, moving on.

  28. Excellent report/overview, I just bought the 70.00 Yi. Now I have to buy a car and I am set ✌️

  29. I thought you’re in the states. Are you in Toronto? I noticed the TD Canada Trust Bank. 🙂
    Unless, there’s TD Bank in the states, too.

  30. The quality and depth of consumer information as well as the production value of these videos is incredible! You need to consider something like a patreon link for us to give back.

  31. Hi Andrew & Team. After watching your video I bought a A119. The video suffers terribly from reflections from windscreen. Due to the unusual lens design, I can’t get a CPL for it. Any suggestions?

  32. Don’t buy the Viofo 119 it’s a POS camera trust me .. i just came here to look for a different camera to buy because the 119 failed me =/

  33. I’ve got Nano q 0903 (with capacitor) and it has this very annoying issue: My car turns the power off for a few seconds when starting the engine. The device will shut down during this time, but doesn’t come back on if the power interrupt is too short; Is there a way to fix this problem? Thank you

  34. Hi, I’d like to put two to three cameras (one filming the footwell) on my car, possibly recording on the same DVR. Do you have any recommendation?

  35. So all of these cams require a cigarette lighter for power? That’s a bummer cause mine’s already being used.

  36. What do you think of the Pruveeo F5 compare to the V119? I think I might have asked you about the Garmin 35, but what do you think of it compare to the two I mentioned?

  37. Don’t buy VIOFO ! after 2 months of use ….restarts all the time by itself ! I try to contact the seller on Ebay but no response….

  38. Great Video… I am about to upgrade my fwd facing camera which is in a rear view mirror snap over, I am going to add a rear camera as many threats are coming from the rear… ie rear ended…. Great video!!!

  39. Are there wireless charging dash cams out in market yet? So you dont need to worry about that cigarette plug that is milex away from ur camera mount? Tired of cams with wires that needs to be routed or fused…..such a mess.

  40. do you have a budget dash cam video or recommendation for a dash cam that has parking protection

  41. I live in the desert where it can get to 121 degrees Fahrenheit and obviously hotter inside my car. I can’t use any adhesive or suction cup mounts ’cause they will melt and fall off. I’m going to be using a mirror mount. A little hesitant on buying a camera for 100 bucks if it just ends up being destroyed by the heat when I leave my car parked outside for long periods of time.

  42. hello. which kind of mount do you recommend for the yi cam, the adhesive or the suction one ? thanks.

  43. Do you recommend these budget type cameras as a rear camera? I currently have the A119 as my primary front view camera but I am looking for a recommendation for something to record my car from the rear view.

  44. I can never understand reviewers who claim that something they’ve been given and not bought is the bees knees. You can’t be impartial with something you’ve not paid for, such as your top two.

  45. On the A118c, you state errors are limited to LCD warnings and then say when your card fails you won’t be notified. Could you clarify please?

  46. Deciding between the Yi and Z-Edge Z3. Which do you think is better? The Z-Edge has the features I want, and comes with an sd card. Wondering about reliability though.

  47. Car Cam Central, Thanks for all your amazing reviews. Can you please share your thoughts on YI vs VantrueN2?

  48. too much information to process! LOL
    Just tell me what to buy!! I want a camera that can film the road as well as whos in my Jeep (not at the same time of course). AND I live Arizona, A.K.A hot as hell!

  49. Hi, i’ve just watched your video and i have a couple of questions: I’ve been looking around to compare the 119 to the 119S prices and I incidently found found out that there’s a “Viofo V2 upgrade kit for 119 and 119S” that should include a new chip, a gps upgrade and some other things but I couldn’t understand why was that..can you help me? Would you recommend the 119 over the S version anyway?

  50. Andrew, great reviews, thanks so much. I hope you can help me with your top pick for around $120 or less that will swivel for police encounters or interesting side events. Might there be another mounting option possible for the A119?

  51. Hey I’m looking into buying a dash cam ASAP I’m about to get my car back from the bodyshop and don’t want any accidents happening again without proof especially with the new front end.
    So far I have picked 3 based on you and online reviews and amazon.
    Viofo A119/A119s
    Rexing V1N
    Anker Roav
    Would you be able to help me decide please?
    Thank you in advance

  52. would the weather of Toronto be suitable for the Yi Dash Cam or would it be too hot/cold for the lithium ion batteries?

  53. BTW, “full disclosure” would be specifying which two cameras were provided for free. As of now, it’s only “partial disclosure”. lol

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