Vicovation OPIA2 vs Anytek A3 vs Xiaomi Yi CAR DVR – EXTREME TEST [email protected]

Vicovation OPIA2 – Ambarella A12LS50 + Omnivision OV4689 BSI
Xiaomi Yi Car Dvr – Novatek 96660 (customized) + On Semi Aptina AR0230
Anytek A3 – Novatek 96655 + Sony Exmor IMX322

20 thoughts on “Vicovation OPIA2 vs Anytek A3 vs Xiaomi Yi CAR DVR – EXTREME TEST [email protected]

  1. What is the battery life Vicovation Opia2 if i record continuously? Does it have night vision in pitch black darkness?

  2. Can you please do a direct comparison between the Vico Opia 2 and the DOD LS470W? From what I’ve seen they look like the top two best performers in your videos and I’d like to see them go head to head to help me decide which is worth buying. Thank you!

  3. this is an excellent test, HDR performance, FOV coverage, license plate clarity, 3 shots in 1 screen, image sensor and process listed, very comprehensive test and present as professional way. keep up the great work.

  4. it is a good try to test products but the angle of the cameras differ and it would be unfair since the cameras were positioned side by side making some vulnerable to glare than the other that is why I can’t see the plates due to the headlights bouncing it off like a mirror and directly hitting the camera inline with the lights.I could say it is a 50/50 for vico and anytek.Xiaomi clearly shows distorted images esp the dark exposures

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  6. Hi can anyone recommend a bunch of great quality dash cams to research that can record on batteries if the 12v power source is not connected, or is a USB Power Bank the only viable external option? Cheers anyone!

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